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  • Perfect Everest Trek Arrangement
    Stephen Gray
    Australia Published: Thursday, Jul 13, 2017

    Perfect Everest Trek Arrangement


    I spent very memorable days in the Everest region in Nepal. I used to dream to see this highest peak of the world and now I arrested it in my camera. My guide arranged everything and helped me a lot. He did not let me feel tired and boring. I have read about the Manaslu region and willing to go there with this company again. I like to make a strong recommendation.

  • Mr. Man is a fair and hospitable man of his word
    Chet Tucker - Photographer, Founder of Flowtography
    United States Published: Monday, Apr 10, 2017

    Mr. Man is a fair and hospitable man of his word


    Mansingh, or more enthusiastically called “Mr. Man”, could possibly be the kindest Nepalese guide you’ll meet. He speaks a few languages, one of which is a strong English. He sets clear expectations for each day and allows for the meandering adjustment. There’s no rushing to enjoy the scenic views of the Himalayas. On my Everest Base Camp trek, he (and a few other guides) guided 17 total trekkers from all over the world to Everest Base Camp. It’s a tough trek but we had 17 of 17 make it to Base Camp and the ages of the group ranged from a 15 to 62 years old. With the larger group, he wanted a head, tail, and a floating heart in the middle of the pack. It’s the way to ensure a larger group of trekkers are all accounted for. So, whether you need a small or large guide, I’m vouching for him. I’ve traveled many places on earth and it’s an honor to have been lucky enough to have a guide that made the trip feel like you were trekking with old friends. Mr. Man is a fair and hospitable man of his word. I’m proud to have made a friend hope some day do another Himalayan trek in the near future.

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