Why Trek With Us?

Trekking Explore Nepal is a new trekking and travel company in Nepal, but its leadership has over 10 years of experience as trekking guides in the high mountains of the Himalayas. Company Owner Man Singh Gurung has been working in the mountains of Nepal for over a decade with clients from all countries around the world.

When it comes to trekking companies, choose the company with the personal knowledge and experience of the mountains. Here are some good reasons to trek with Trekking Explore Nepal.

  1. Gurung owned and Operated: In Nepal, it was the Gurung mountain people that were the first mountain guides in the country. The Gurungs were the backbone of the famed Gurkha Soldiers of both the British and Indian armies. The Gurungs were known for their knowledge of the mountains. It is this knowledge that Man Singh Gurung brings to Trekking Explore Nepal.
  2. Intimate knowledge of the trekking routes: It’s a fact: most company owners in Nepal have never been trekking! Because they have never done trekking (much less be a guide), they don’t have the real knowledge of the mountains as well as the people who live there. Man Singh Gurung knows the mountains all across this country, ranging from Upper Dolpo in the far west to Mt. Everest in the east, and everything in between. Man Singh has been there, and his guides also know those places.
  3. Enthusiasm: Man Singh Gurung is probably the most enthusiastic and optimistic person you will ever meet. His enthusiasm is contagious, which opens doors everywhere he goes. Those doors he opens will serve you quite well as you trek in Nepal.
  4. Dedication to Detail: When it comes to detail, no company can be too careful. Man Singh and his Explore pays attention to detail, and that will ensure that you have the best possible trek in Nepal possible.
  5. Personalized Service: From years on the trekking trails, Man Singh and his Explore at Trekking Explore Nepal know and understand that to be successful in this highly competitive business, you need to provide personal service that meets and/or exceeds the needs and demands of their clients. Each client is a real person in their eyes, and they will go the extra mile to make sure that your trek is the best possible experience.
  6. Knowledge of Culture: Born and raised in the high mountains of Nepal, Man Singh and his Explore at Trekking Explore Nepal know and understand the intimate multitude of cultures and religions that are in the high Himalayas. There are many different ethnic groups and cultures across these mountains, and they can explain their differences and help you to appreciate their wonderful uniqueness. There is also many different religions that exist side by side, worshipping in peace and harmony. Man Singh and his Explore at Trekking Explore Nepal can explain those differences, thereby giving you a greater appreciation of the people that call the Himalayas home.
  7. Strong English: Man Singh and his Explore at Trekking Explore Nepal all speak good English and have taken additional training so they can best communicate with clients. Some of the Explore also speak other languages.
  8. Commitment to Advanced Training: Man Singh and his people at Trekking Explore Nepal are all government certified, and have taken additional training to keep them up to date on the latest news and information concerning the trekking industry.
  9. First Aid Training: Let’s face it, things can happen on the trail even though every effort is made to avoid any kind of a medical emergency. But when it happens, know that Man Singh and the Explore at Trekking Explore Nepal have had advanced first aid training. They carry a first aid kit, and know what to do if and when a medical emergency arises.
  10. Service before, during and after the trek: Everyone talks good, but can they perform? Man Singh Gurung and the Explore at Trekking Explore Nepal know that you are spending hard earned money to make this trek. They make sure that you get your money’s worth, as well as get everything that has been agreed upon. They put everything in writing so there are no misunderstands. Trekking Explore Nepal wants happy customers, and they will do everything they can to make sure that this does happens as agreed.

When trekking and touring in Nepal, why choose anyone else? Trekking Explore Nepal is the right company with the right attitude to serve you!

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